Aura Baringa town centre


Located in the newly established residential community of Aura, the Baringa Skate Plaza is an active and community orientated space, intended for play. The team was initially engaged to deliver landscape design services and had created a visually strong environment, juxtaposing vibrant punctuations of colour against resilient, smooth concrete surfaces.




3D Visualisation

Landscape Architecture



playful messaging, easily interpreted, visually vibrant
As a final component of the broader landscape design of the Baringa Skate Plaza, Place Design Group created a signage suite which expanded on the established design language of the Skate Plaza.
The signage suite followed the same design thread, utilising the same colour and material palette, comprising of folded aluminium panels with bold powder coated finish. Messaging was a key focus, intending to establish a playful tone throughout.
Discrete in scale, so as to not obstruct the skaters, the signage suite provides information, guidance and regulation which is simple, effective and easily understood by younger age demographic.
The overarching design intent seeks to create a collection of visually cohesive landscape elements which best express the broader community of Aura and further celebrates and strengthens the spirit of place.

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