Brisbane Metro and Glider Network Strategy


The Brisbane Metro is a high frequency, high capacity public transport system transforming Brisbane. Place Design Group was engaged by Brisbane City Council to facilitate and run a series of precinct planning workshops looking at Busway Stations along the southern corridor and how the metro Busway can transform the land adjoining the stations creating better relationships between land use and transit investment.


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Brisbane City Council

transforming the land
The precinct planning workshop considered issues of land use and density, walkability, public realm, access and movement, open space and commercial opportunities. In addition to the precinct planning, Place Design Group worked closely with Brisbane City Council on the Metro and Glider Network Strategy preparing a visually engaging summary document that effectively communicates the context strategies to expand public transport capacity as Brisbane continues to grow over the next 15 years.
The Connected City – Metro and Glider Network Strategy required a unique combination of specialist services to achieve a cohesive and engaging strategy package.

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