Bundaberg Region

Coastal Adaptation Strategy


To assist in understanding and adapting to climate change, Bundaberg Regional Council is developing a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) for its 110km of coastline. Place Design Group was able to illustrate Bundaberg’s natural coastline, connect with a sense of place and increase the resilience of the community. 


Strategy Reports

Project Branding

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Water Technology

Bundaberg Regional Council

Understanding and planning for future coastal change
With a vision for Bundaberg Our Coast, our team hosted a branding workshop to then deliver a brand identity including a logo, style guide and suite of collateral templates. The team also produced a graphically designed report and a suite of simulation videos to help explain the Bundaberg CHAS process which will be used for community engagement purposes.
The simulation video was produced using a combination of geo-spatially accurate 3D modelling and 2D motion graphics techniques to accurately portray the hazard areas and risk in appropriate context for viewers. The final video serves to help engage the audience with the potential risks and hazards faced by communities in an understandable and meaningful way.