Cammeray golf course


Place Design Group was commissioned by the Transport for NSW and Cammeray Golf Club to deliver a suite of videos that conveyed the vision of the Cammeray golf course redesign to help inform the community.


3D Visualisation


Graphic Communications


Landscape Architecture


Transport for NSW

Cammeray Golf Club

the reconfiguration of cammeray golf course
Cammeray Golf Course
The first was a 3D animated video that utilised 3D renders and flythrough animation sequences, alongside messaging text supers. Through a collaborative messaging and storyboard process implemented at the start of the project, the creative team developed the 3d modelling of the entire golf course to help illustrate the design features for a multiple user based perspective.
The second video produced was a piece-to-camera video that captured the narrative as told by two key speakers that are an integral part of the project. This approach allowed the key messaging to come from a more personal perspective to effectively engage with audiences about the exciting changes ahead.

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