darwin waterfront


Over the past 15 years, there has been a significant investment into Darwin’s waterfront, building a Convention Centre, hotels, and apartments, as well as an important storm surge wall. Place Design Group in partnership with Liquid Blu, reimagined the existing precinct to be the face of Darwin, displaying its natural and cultural heritage through a world class public realm.


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Darwin Waterfront Corporation

uplifting the city of darwin
The master plan vision focused around designing for people and place, considering the whole life cycle of the space. Creating a precinct that is vibrant and makes people feel safe, and one that is enjoyable and easy to walk and cycle around. Connectivity was key, offering a variety of experiences within the sub-precinct that would connect seamlessly with one another.
To support the master plan, app data mining was conducted to understand who the true users are. The current waterfront provides a single layer of activation. To elevate the precinct to a world-class level, Darwin Waterfront would need multiple layers of activation to attract and engage all ages and abilities across each sub-precinct. The six sub-precincts (Waterfront Pool, The Forecourt, Tropical Lagoon, Link Park, Central Cove and Intergrated Resorts) were designed to provide their own set of offerings.

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