Lake proserpine recreational master plan


Place Design Group was selected by Whitsunday Regional Council (WRC) to investigate and prepare the Lake Proserpine Recreational Masterplan to help realise the potential for Lake Proserpine to become a major tourism attractor within the Whitsundays region. On part of our role was to produce a wayfinding strategy for the Masterplan, which further developed into creating the signage artwork to consistently work within the strategy vision and council’s branding guidelines. 


Graphic Communications



Landscape Architecture


Whitsunday Regional Council

A major tourism attractor
The master plan project was divided into two stages: Stage 1 Inception & Baseline Analysis gave the team the opportunity to undertake field investigations, and gain an in depth understanding of the site conditions, undertake workshops with Council officers, Sunwater, Mimosa pigra stakeholder group and Mimosa pigra operations officer and identify land use opportunities for the site.
Stage 2 Master Plan Development brought together the design process incorporating key design strategies, master plan design themes, final illustrative master plan, cross section drawings and character imagery to convey the project, cost estimates staged master plan delivery.
The master plan was presented to and adopted by Council to guide the development and implementation of the master plan over its various stages.

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