Strategic Communications

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We are visual story tellers.

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We are the community’s voice – past, present and future.

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We simplify complex information.

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We seek to distill, refine and design visually engaging outcomes.

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And we love to listen, are quick to learn and make things easy to understand.

We know that the communication of future planning and design is as important as the design ideas themselves, and to achieve success for our clients, we centre all our communications and engagement strategies around the unique, combined insights our interdisciplinary team has to offer.

Our in house Strategic Communications and Engagement team never works separately from our project teams, drawing on the combined skills, knowledge and insights of our in house Planning and Design professionals to deliver a trusted, industry specific approach to community engagement, graphic communications, multimedia, photography and 3D visualisation services.

Via these combined insights, our projects are better informed, our outputs are better communicated, and the message is never lost – something that sets us apart from stand-alone communications agencies. 

Our service list is long, our capabilities are broad, and we match the right mix of each to support more efficient, elevated project outcomes. 

We have adopted a true co-design ethos for all our communications and multimedia work, to deeply understand and transparently inform trusted project outcomes. Our on-ground and in house professionals work hard to bring to life or experience a project or client’s vision.  And we strive to simply explain and clearly illustrate, quality outcomes and opportunities associated with our client’s projects.

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