The Spit Master Plan


The Gold Coast Waterways Authority commissioned Place Design Group to create and coordinate the detailed design of the initial areas of the Spit Master Plan implementation project. An iconic and essential area to the wider Gold Coast community, the initial stages of the implementation focus around the Seaway Promenade and the Moondarewa Spit areas within the wider Spit.


3D Visualisation




Landscape Architecture



Gold Coast Waterways Authority

an iconic community destination
Following the delivery of the detailed design documentation, our Strategic Communications team developed a comprehensive overview video and high-resolution stills to market the design to the wider community and stakeholders. Utilising a comprehensive portfolio of video production techniques, the team created a high-quality and visually realistic representation of the community-sensitive design created by our Landscape Architect teams.
Following the production of a storyboard and animatic, our team collected detailed ground and drone videography which, using complex camera matching techniques, was used to integrate a geo-spatially accurate 3D model of the design over the existing space. The final video shows the new design within the broader context of the area, whilst conveying the upgraded and reinvigorated lifestyle opportunities.

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