Toowoomba Demystifying the LGIP


Toowoomba Regional Council commissioned Place Design Group to deliver a full suite creation and roll out of an LGIP awareness and education project to help communicate what an LGIP was, how it worked, and why it mattered at two audience levels. Project deliverables included the development of a strategic suite of compelling communication collateral.



Character Animation

Collateral Suite


Toowoomba Regional Council

translating complex content for successful community consumption
One of the major components of this suite was the design, development and production of a two-minute animation, utilising a cohesive narrative to explain this complex topic. Our team worked closely with TRC to develop key messaging, branding, and creation of a narrative framework which then informed the video production stage. Following the development of a detailed storyboard, the team created an animated video outcome that successfully blended live footage, 2D and 3D elements, tied together by a paper plane motif that also extended to the design of the print collateral.
The end result was the successful conversion of dry and complex planning strategy into an innovative and engaging communications suite (written and graphic) that was more easily understood and well +received by general community audiences.

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