Townsville City Entrance and suburb statements


Townsville City Council, as part of their 2020 Vision program, requested the development of a contemporary, tiered signage system across a range of locations including the major arterial entries to Townsville, at the Townsville Airport and throughout Townsville suburbs. In response, Place Design Group created a signage suite that considered important design aspects such as, connection to people and place, use of local materials, and integration into a variety of rural and urban settings.


Wayfinding Strategy

Signage Design

Landscape Architecture



Townsville City Council

An iconic natural landmark which transforms in appearance from day to night
The iconic shape of Castle Hill was incorporated into the city entry statement signage, creating a strong visual impact and imageability for easy mental recall. The rustic natural character of Castle Hill was further referenced in the landscape treatments, with a strong use of granite, local grass and gabion walls.
Smaller scale suburban entry statements, where located at key entry points into various Townsville suburbs, these extended the established palette of rustic landscaping and local materials, whilst taking a more narrow, vertical form, which is better suited to a variety of smaller,
The signage suite helps facilitate the re-branding of the city, and provides a sense of uniformity and place identity for local residents and visitors alike.

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