Victoria Park




Out of the fire, into the Forest

The Adventure Play space at Barrambin reimagines country that once existed on the site in pre-colonial times, then makes a series of bold interventions to stimulate a variety of immersive experiences inspired by the multi-layered landscape of a Dry Eucalypt Forest ecosystem.

Country ‘landscape’ is the core building block on which traditional law and custom sits and holds those layers of stories and meaning. Our vision weaves a distinct composition of iconic shapes, colours, sounds and textures into the playscape to foster a greater appreciation and respect for indigenous culture and a discovery of country.

the Forest
Fire Front
Gum Flowers

Concept Overview

Our concept creates a unique playscape that offers immersive nature play and connection to country in a Restored Forest, a Firefront Embankment that can be climbed, scrambled across and traversed in a multitude of ways and iconic gum flower play structures to excite and challenge users whilst boldly expressing the idea of Rebirth and a celebration of indigenous culture at Barrambin.

Restored Forest with nature play featuring rocky dry creeks, timber logs and rope play

Fire Front Embankment challenges users to climb, scramble, slide and traverse it in multiple ways

Big Gum Flower play structures offering adventure play for users of varying ability

Our vision will recreate a landscape setting similar to Mt Coo-tha today - a Dry Eucalypt Forest, with rocky outcrops and creeklines running down the hillside

Key elements

Dry Eucalypt Forest

Yarning circle (totem - long-necked turtle)

Dry creek bed with rocks, steps and balance logs

Snake bones arbour

Retained trees

Wheelchair compliant winding path (totem - rainbow serpent)

Fire plays an important role in shaping the Australian landscape, its flora and fauna and holds great spiritual meaning in Aboriginal culture

Key elements

Ground Art
Forest Clearing
Gathering Space

Blackened logs and rope climber on fire front embankment

Embankment slide and clambering rocks

Scrambling net

Sapling climbing holds / Talking tubes

Low berm with balance play for younger kids

The colourful shoots, swollen buds, elaborate flowers, gum nuts and seeds of Eucalypt trees signify new growth in the forest.

Key elements

Iconic Play Centrepiece
Architectural Shade
Inclusive Play
Song Line Lookouts
Flora and Fauna

Gum Nut play structures

Gum Flower entry bridge from embankment

Big Gum Flower play structures

Fire front embankment

Wheelchair compliant ramped path