Greater Springfield


As part of Place Design Group’s wider set of projects with Springfield Land Corporation there was an opportunity to prepare an animation and communication tool to illustrate the history and future growth of Australia’s fastest growing city. The project saw place design group utilise 3D models, animation and animatic skills to produce a single movie animation that shows the large future development potential of the city’s health, education, city centre and residential precincts.


3D Visualisation


Strategic Planning


Springfield Land Corporation

A dynamic master plan and overarching vision for a defining precinct
Place Design Group over a 1 month period, was able to create and finalise a full 3D model of Springfield, whilst also capturing video and drone footage of the precinct for use in the final video.
The Final output was a 5 minute movie file that blended key facts and aspect of Springfield, a fly around of the town centre and innovative blending of drone and animation to facilitate now and ‘future’ reveals and animations.

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