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The key to ensuring the best VIDEO outcomes, is in understanding the importance of dynamic shots and cinematography.

An engaging, content rich video with a good balance of motion graphics, animation or video footage, combined with creative art direction can be a valuable communication piece that can engage the community and enrich your project messaging.

Our in-house videographers and animators have extensive experience in developing a diverse range of video styles, from marketing, piece-to-camera or animated videos to 3D fly through or character-based animations to help explain detailed concepts and messaging.

Our team prides themselves on ensuring they fully understand the purpose and requirements of the video before commencing work, through an inception meeting with the client at the commencement of each project. Via a detailed storyboarding and scripting process at the very start of the production process, we make a point of working in close collaboration with you to ensure the vision and narrative is clear from the start.

As a value add to our projects, we offer creative photography services that are conducted by our experienced photographers, videographers and accredited operators using registered drones.


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We provide combined insights that sets us apart from the rest

Our in-house Strategic Communications and Engagement team never works separately from our technical teams, drawing on the combined skills, knowledge and insights of our planning and design inhouse professionals and external partners to deliver a trusted, industry specific approach. With these combined insights, our projects are better informed, our outputs are better communicated, and the message is never lost – something that sets us apart from standalone communications agencies.


We are experienced communicators

Our project team understands the value of simple and concise communication, using visual tools over words, and staying tactical and targeted. Our objective will always be to communicate concisely, identify the key information for quick, easy consumption and facilitate swift review and collaborative buy-in.


We are visual storytellers

We take a strategic approach in all our creative work, using visuals and narrative to engage the community and inform project outcomes. Our team pride themselves on producing creative work that balances highly engaging communication with easy to understand, informative graphics that reinforce the project messaging. We work with you to tell your story and get your message across.

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project experience

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