WAYFINDING is more than a simple sign; it cultivates a place for communities to live and grow.

We develop unique strategies for you, by providing a solution that immerses communities on an effortless journey through a space. We understand how good places, neighbourhoods and communities are put together. We do it every day. What makes your wayfinding strategy stronger is our close collaboration with our inhouse Landscape Architects, Graphic Designers and Strategic Communications experts.

Our wayfinding professionals are immersed in a variety of different planning and design projects learning the ‘planning and design language’ often spoken by technical experts. Via the combined skills and experience of our multidisciplinary team, our clients can be confident that we will deliver the best outcomes for wayfinding projects through connecting communities with local places, informing navigation and interpretive signage for spaces and reinforcing place brand identity to create great places for communities to live and grow.


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We believe that wayfinding is a facet of user-centred design

Every great place tells a unique story which is never stagnant but always evolving. This story can be told via a wayfinding strategy which identifies, directs, and educates its users. It will be centred on the user and how they will experience the spaces around them.


We understand what it requires to connect people to place

No wayfinding strategy is successful without the primary consideration of the people and the place. We understand what is involved in connecting these places to their community and enriching the user experience.


We have extensive experience with developing projects through a collaborative process

We believe that no design process exists without the benefit of a collaborative design insight. We offer a cohesive design process from concept to completion and have substantial experience working closely with our clients, to bring their project vision to life.

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project experience

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